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Alison's Story

I am a 37 year old woman with two children. I have recently fled Domestic Violence after 12 years of marriage.

This past 10 months have been the scariest months of my life. I had adapted to the violence, the hits, the bruises, the verbal abuse and the constant putting me down. I accepted this was my life.

One night after my husband beat me I walked in my children’s bedroom where they would be every night from 7 o clock and found them hugged up together, scared, crying and hanging on to each other with dear life. Enough was enough I decided this wasn’t acceptable or normal behaviour and me and my children didn’t deserve this. Me and my children have spent months in a refuge with no one and nothing only each other. I was told I would be given the keys to our new house but I had only a little bit of money to spend on decorating and furnishing it.

I wondered about how I would wash the kids clothes, What would I give my children to eat without a cooker and where would we sleep. I worked myself up into a complete state that’s when one of the women at the refuge said to contact rehouse to rehome. I rang with the hope they would be able to help me with a few bits. This charity have made sure I’ve got absolutely everything to furnish our home and I can’t begin to say how eternally thankful I am. Francine who founded the charity came with the removal men, she bought sweets for my children then she threw her arms round me and said this is where you’re new life starts and you’re all going to be ok. I felt happy, I felt safe and I felt free. Now we are all safe.

Thank you for the support Francine & Rehouse to Rehome has given us as a family.

​Alison (Survivor)

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