Working together

Working together in partnership is the most effective way to respond to domestic abuse at an operational and strategic level. We are pleased to have worked together with a number of organisations and agencies to end the cycle of abuse for hundreds of adults, children and families in the UK. 

For a second year in a row, Claremont Private Hospital in Sheffield announced us as their charity of the year. We are so very proud and grateful! 

Claremont Private Hospital in Sheffield announced us as their charity of the year, an achievement we are extremely proud of. All of us at Nested are eternally grateful to all at Claremont for their kindness and support, helping us to help many others. 

All of us at Nested are truly thankful to Nether Edge WI for making us their charity of the year, and we are eternally grateful for their kindness and support, helping us to make a positive difference to many people and families.

​“Francine and her team were put forward for WI Nether Edge members in Sheffield to vote, because we have followed the Facebook page and it very much highlights how much domestic abuse is happening and we want to help and support Francine support all the deserving women and families.

​We are very pleased and happy to announce that Nested (formally Rehouse to Rehome) has been chosen by members to be our charity to support for 2020!​”

I am just writing to say a massive thank you to yourself, Francine and team for providing our client with all the items she needed to make her house a home.

After we contacted you regarding our clients situation you proactively sourced new housing items including a cooker and a number of essential items that our client desperately needed. We have worked with many organisations in Sheffield and we were blown away by how quickly you were able to respond to our clients needs. We have tried many other organisations in Sheffield, who were unable to help. So to hear that you would source all the items our client needed and so quickly was such amazing news. Our client has had a very difficult life so far and it has been a long journey towards her personal freedom. Previously she was restricted and unable to make choices for herself. She has found the process of moving into her own house daunting but now feels empowered to live a free and independent life. And though it might not seem significant’ the items that you have donated have allowed her to have a home she feels comfortable in.

Thanks to you she has now told us she feels she has a safe space to come home to each day, that is filled with the items she wanted for her own home. In addition, the cooker that you provided allows our client to cook the food she chooses and she can cook it the way she likes to. She feels excited to have friends over and to socialise with them, using all the items you have provided. The items that you have donated have helped immensely and set our client on the path to her new life in freedom. Thank you once again for all your hard work it really has made a difference.

 – City Hearts

I want to thank Francine and her team for helping one of our service users who was moving In to a new property but had no furniture. Our client fled a very violent relationship and had to leave her home with nothing. It wasn’t safe for her to go back to the property.

​I contacted you in the morning and told you how desperate this lady was. By the end of the day the furniture for the whole house was delivered. Our service user can’t thank you enough.

-Refuge worker SARAS
Sheffield Area Refuge And Support

We are so happy that you could help one of our residents with the furnishings she needed for her new home. She has her lovely new sofas, which make her house a home. This has made a massive difference to her.

​Thank you Francine and team from all of us!

– Sheffield Women’s Aid

I am writing to thank you for the excellent support you provide to our clients. As you know we are an Independent Domestic Abuse Advocacy Service in Rotherham and many of our clients flee domestic abuse without any possessions.

​You have recently helped my client who has fled her home and has been rehoused but has no furniture. Many of our clients don’t have the spare money to buy furniture, even second hand to start life afresh.

This is why the service you offer is essential for them to start their new lives. It gives people hope and comfort when they are at a particularly low part of their lives and the ability to start again with furniture that is desperately needed. Fortunately many people will never need to start a new home after such trauma without even a bed to sleep on.

​Our service thank you for your tireless efforts to help people less fortunate than you.

-Neighbourhoods and Adult Services, Independent Domestic Violence Advisor

I referred my client to Francine following her fleeing domestic Violence (she is a high risk victim). The client left her previous property with only her clothing, she was sleeping on the floor. When contacted Francine very quickly responded to the referral and within a few days the client was awarded many essential items, most notably including a double bed.

The work of Francine and her team and the fast response has meant that, in one of the most difficult periods of this clients life, She has been able to start afresh safely and now comfortably and can begin to call her new property a home.

-Lead IDVA, Action building hope changing lives

We would like to thank you so much for your recent help in supporting one of our customers turn the house into a home. Our customer came to us having left her settle home in the south of England due to domestic violence. She has a faced an up-hill struggle piecing her and her children’s lives back together ever since. We found suitable accommodation for her but unfortunately she was not obliged for help with furnishing her property.

​As you have told us before we turned to you, and as usual you didn’t disappoint! Your help in providing beds and a settee and wardrobe for the customer and her 2 children was invaluable for the family being able to settle in a new home after months of uncertainty.

​This is not the first time you’ve helped us and we are sure it will not be the last. So ourselves and the customer want to say thank you unreservedly.

-South Yorkshire Housing Association

Our resident and her children arrived at Sheffield Women’s Aid with nothing to their name.

She is now ready to move on, but has no belongings of her own. Francine and team stepped in and has provided everything she needs to set up a new home. What a great service Francine provides, with such a dedicated network of supporters.

​You make such a big difference. Thank You.

-Sheffield Women’s Aid 

Thanks to you and all involved with the coordination and delivery of Christmas presents to children in our temporary accommodation.

​Your kindness and generosity has helped to put smiles on 44 little faces this Christmas.

The gifts arrived in time for our Christmas party and we’re handed out to the Children by Santa and his elves.

​Thanks again for all your hard work, and for being a genuinely wonderful lady with such a big heart.

Best wishes and merry Christmas to all involved.

-South Yorkshire Housing Association 

All of the staff at Rotherham Rise Refuge would like to thank you for your very generous donation of beds and soft furnishings. We are truly grateful for your kindness, and this has highly benefited our client and her children.

​We greatly appreciate all donations that we receive as it is with the continued support of organisations such as Francine’s that clients can be supported with a smooth transition moving out of refuge and in to their new homes.

-Rotherham Rise

Many thanks for your help today regarding the family I have referred to your service and being able to respond so quickly. It is clear your service is so valuable in Sheffield, without it many families who move with very little or no possessions would not be able to create a home they would be able to live in safely.

​I hope through the work you are doing with many of the vulnerable families within the city it continues to raise awareness of the impact any donation can have upon a families life.

-Sheffield City Council (Children’s and Families)

I have contacted Francine today asking for help for our struggling families. I would like to say a great thanks to Francine for the quick response and ability to arrange necessary items straight away.

That kind of help and attitude is very much needed and appreciated.

– Support worker, Children and families Social Care Sheffield

Thank you so much for your assistance in sourcing a table and chairs for a family I’m working with.

As mentioned during our phone calls the children are especially going to benefit from this as currently they are eating on their knees on the sofa or sat on a blanket on the floor. It will help bring the family together at meal times so they can eat together comfortably.

​Mum will be able to practice good table manners with them and she can introduce some house rules around meal times which she really needs. I first heard of your service through a very good friend of mine who has donated items to you and spoke very highly of what you do and how you help families to rebuild their homes and lives after experiencing domestic abuse.

​You have a great reputation for going above and beyond to help families and will do whatever you can to support them. I follow you on Facebook and promote your charity to colleagues and other services whenever I can.

​Once again thank you. I appreciate your help and so does the family you are helping. She is over the moon about your donation as she was attempting to save herself, she can now use this money to provide other things for the children.

​I look forward to continuing promoting your charity and working along side you in the future to help families in need at times of crisis.

-Families Together SASS

Many thanks for helping me out with a cot for a mum we are supporting in Sheffield. You have helped another of my volunteers with items for another mum too. I can’t begin to tell you how appreciated and needed your service is. Some of the mums we are supporting have fled some horrific domestic abuse situations and have literally nothing to help set up a home.

​You are a Lifeline!

-NCT Birth and Beyond Community Supporters Project South Yorkshire