Cookery Books for Children and Young People

Omari McQueen's Best Bites Cookbook

Get cooking with the UK’s youngest, award-winning vegan chef, Omari McQueen. Learn how to make over 35 plant-based recipes from pizza to pasta, snacks to smoothies. This easy-to-use cookbook is full to the brim with delicious natural treats!

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Cool Kids Cook: Delicious Recipes and Fabulous Facts to Turn You into a Kitchen Whizz

Cooking is one of the most useful, rewarding and fun things children will ever learn to do. Whether they hope to become a rocket scientist, play international football, breed ferrets or win The X Factor, one thing’s for sure, they will always have to eat.

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The Tickle Fingers Kids’ Cookbook: Hands-on Fun in the Kitchen for 4-7s

Focussing on the next stage up, ages 4-7, The Tickle Fingers Children’s Cookbook maintains all of the practical, easy-to-follow, age-appropriate and allergy-friendly advice parents loved in the first book.

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Matilda and The Ramsay Bunch: Tilly’s Kitchen Takeover

Start your day the Tilly way, with a nourishing Smoothie Bowl, followed by some Vitamin Packed Power Balls for a late morning pick-me-up. Cool down mid-afternoon with a Fro-Yo Cooler, followed by some Lean Machine Chicken and Super Light Raspberry Macaroons.

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The How-To Cookbook for Teens: 100 Easy Recipes to Learn the Basics

Not only is cooking a useful skill to learn, it can also be super fun! This beginner-friendly cookbook for teens is packed with simple recipes to help you level up your cooking skills and create delicious dishes that you’ll be proud to share with your friends and family.

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Super Foods for Super Kids Cookbook: 50 Delicious (and Secretly Healthy) Recipes Kids Will Love to Make

Pizza for breakfast? Nachos made from apples? There’s something delicious going on in the kitchen, and your mission is to find out exactly what it is―and learn how to make it yourself. Super Foods for Super Kids Cookbook is your sidekick on this cooking adventure.

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My First Vegetarian Cookbook

Get kids busy in the kitchen and making delicious veggie dishes including quesadillas, smoothies, soups, and stir-fries as well as treats such as muffins and cheesecakes.

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The World in My Kitchen: Global Recipes for Kids to Discover and Cook

From the co-devisors of CBeebies’ I Can Cook comes The World In My Kitchen! Get your children cooking simple, delicious recipes from around the world. Encourage a love of cooking and allow your kids to discover global flavours and to try new foods by getting them involved.

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