Protecting Pets

Research and studies have shown that offenders of domestic abuse often have a pattern of abuse and control which involves all members of the household, including children and pets. Sadly, many survivors stay in abusive homes for fear of subjecting their animals to continued abuse, if left behind. Pets are often left with their abusers to face torture and sadly sometimes death.

​When survivors of domestic abuse seek to flee their abusive homes they’re not only faced with the challenge of finding shelter or refuge for themselves and their children, but also for their beloved pets. Unfortunately, many shelters do not have the facilities to accommodate pets and many survivors are left facing the difficult decision to either leave their pets behind or remain in the abusive home. Animals can become a useful weapon for a perpetrator to maintain control over the victim and sadly this means many animals are suffering.

Pets are very often the innocent bystanders and the silent victims of domestic abuse, they are used as part of the pattern of coercion and control. Pets are often threatened, screamed at, beaten, kicked, starved and tragically in some cases many pets are killed.

Housing obstacles for those fleeing domestic abuse can be daunting.

• It may be that the victim is desperate to leave but has no family or friends and needs someone to look after their fur baby until they are able to find suitable accommodation or when they have to flee in a hurry

• When a victim of domestic abuse wants to flee an abusive relationship, but just can’t do it because of the worry and fears they have over their pets safety and the many uncertainties of what their pet may suffer if they are not there to protect them. We see this is a huge barrier and we want to help by removing that barrier

Survivors have shared with us some harrowing and heartbreaking stories including details of how their pets have been killed or tortured in retaliation. Abusive partners may often use pets as leverage to manipulate their partners and to prevent victims from leaving.

We understand the importance of our pets and acknowledge the fact that our pets are our family members.

​We have introduced a new support service which will provide those who are fleeing domestic violence with the reassurance of knowing that their fur babies are safe and will be well cared for by devoted and dedicated animal lovers (foster carers) until they are able to be reunited as a family.

We rely on our pets for comfort and support, and they depend on us for the same, a crisis that separates us from our pets is one we should address decisively. Nested know that pets are a huge part of our life and they too need safety, love, kindness and happiness.

If you are also a lover of animals and would like to support a family who are fleeing domestic violence, by offering a safe resting place with lots of love and cuddles for a “fur baby survivor” until they can be reunited with their companion or family then please get in touch with us here.

​We will send you out a pet protection application pack to become one of our “fur baby fosterers”.

If you are unable to foster a persons or a families beloved pet, but you would like to help and support, you can do so by making a little donation which will help by contributing towards food or help cover any costs for veterinary care which may be needed for pets who have also suffered and fled abusive homes.

Help us remove a huge barrier for many who are suffering domestic abuse. Help us protect pets, our faithful companions.