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Nurses have an important role to play in assisting victims and survivors of domestic abuse. Nested are proud to welcome additional support from our nurse (RGN Cert.ed). As a nurse working in the NHS, our nurse has listened and supported those who needed a helping hand for over 40 years.

Many survivors say that a compassionate inquiry from a caring Nurse helped them disclose their abuse and find the best intervention services. By recognising the signs of abuse and caring to ask questions, the patient recognises the Nurse is knowledgeable about domestic abuse and validates domestic abuse as a legitimate health care issue.

Physical signs of injuries that may be related to domestic abuse are:

• Bruising in the chest and abdomen
• Multiple injuries
• Minor lacerations
• Ruptured eardrums
• Delay in seeking medical attention
• Patterns of repeated injury

It is unlikely a person who is suffering domestic abuse will be seeking help for a physical injury. More likely people seek help for issues such as:

• A stress-related illness
• Anxiety, panic attacks, stress and/or depression
• Drug and alcohol abuse
• Chronic headaches
• Asthma
• Aches and pains
• Abdominal pain
• Sexual dysfunction
• Vaginal discharge
• Joint/muscle pain
• Sleeping and eating disorders
• Suicide attempts
• Psychiatric illness
• Gynaecological problems
• Miscarriage
• Chronic pelvic pain

Someone who is a victim of domestic abuse may also:

• Appear nervous, ashamed or evasive
• Describe their partner as controlling or prone to anger
• Seem uncomfortable or anxious in the presence of their partner
• Be accompanied by their partner who does most of the talking
• Give an unconvincing explanation of the injuries
• Be recently separated or divorced
• Be reluctant to follow advice

Our nurse provides compassion, support and encourages people to talk whilst confidentiality is assured.

After listening carefully and gaining a better understanding of the each individuals current situation help will be given by providing appropriate resources, assisting people to finding safety and moving forward to a life that is free from domestic abuse. If you would like to speak to our nurse please don’t hesitate to drop us a message [email protected] and let us know when is a convenient time to get back to you.

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