Nested Together

Encouraging Education to Empower Our Children.
Many parents know it can be difficult to communicate with their children in their teenage years, especially when it comes to a sensitive topic like dating and domestic abuse/violence. Perhaps you’re unsure what to say to approach the subject or maybe your son/daughter doesn’t seem like they want to talk to you about it.

Nested are dedicated to providing support and we believe that by talking and learning about dating and domestic abuse/violence with our younger generations, professionals will help them to learn and see what healthy relationships look like for their future.
If you want your child/ children to have the right advice, there are plenty of resources available that can be really helpful.

We have put together different ways and lists of some of the best resources from service contact details to on/off/line information.

We know the importance of children and young people, we believe in encouraging their education and praising their achievements.

Read through the information packs with your children or they may prefer to read alone.
Once you’ve read through them, please pass them on to a family member or friend and encourage them to empower their children.

Meet Lena, our Nested Together mascot. She will guide you on your learning journey through all our resources for kids and teens just like you. Whatever you’re going through, she is here to help and if you need a bit more help you can call us and say you need Lena. 

Hi my name is Lena. I’m a nesting doll from Russia. Everyone of us carry ideas and beliefs about ourselves and the world around us inside us and we become ‘nested’ in that. It’s my job to make sure that those ideas and beliefs about yourself and the world are nested in empowerment, hope and kindness.

As well as our online learning centre we also provide learning tools for schools to teach children positive narratives about themselves and tackle world issues such as domestic abuse.

Help us reach more people

It’s only with your help that we can continue to help survivors of domestic violence get a fresh start in a new home away from their abuser.

Families with children fleeing domestic violence have to leave all of their belongings behind and run for their lives.

Let’s make sure they are not only safe, but in a home.