Volunteer with us

With the help from volunteers we can transform homes and children’s bedrooms by designing spaces that are functional, comfortable and personal to the families and children we support who have fled from domestic abuse. Volunteers may spend time painting, carrying out small repairs or assembling furniture that gives the spaces or bedrooms that full makeover feel.

Many children are living in conditions of deprivation after fleeing abusive homes with their parent.

When families flee their abusive homes many flee with very little or nothing other than a small bag of personal belongings which means after spending time in refuge, many move into their new homes with very little or nothing. People and families are often rehoused in flats or houses which can be without heating, sharing beds with their parents and siblings, and some children may be sleeping on mouldy mattresses without proper bedding.

Many projects in their new home often go unfinished as time and finances are so stretched.

In these conditions, children become isolated, ashamed, and angry with damaging consequences for their education and life chances.

Our ‘reach for the stars’ programme provides children with safe environments to learn, play and grow.

​We’re looking for volunteers to assist van drivers collecting household goods and furnishings donated by the the general public.

​Please fill in the below for if you are interested and we will respond as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your interest. All help goes a long way and together we can turn empty houses into homes for better lives.


We also offer an internship program for undergraduate and postgraduate students. If you are thinking of entering the charity or non for profit sector, an internship with Nested could be the start you need lay the right foundation for your career.

We offer outstanding students the opportunity to acquire direct exposure to Nested’s work in areas such as education, policy and planning, communications, ICT, research and data, and campaigns.

Interns support the design and implementation of Nested’s initiatives and will learn about the work of ending domestic abuse through our three pronged approach of empowerment, education and equality.

We welcome applications from all backgrounds including, but not limited to, different nationalities and study profiles. Applicants should also be able to demonstrate our values of professionalism, diversity and kindness.

To find out more send an email to [email protected]