Magical Christmas

For many of us, Christmas conjures up images of Christmas trees, fairy lights, jokes out of Christmas crackers and a haze of staff parties. However for others, Christmas is the most feared time of the whole year. Domestic abuse rises significantly during the festive period. Not a year goes by when we haven’t see a seasonal spike in incidents of domestic abuse.

A combination of financial pressure, free flowing alcohol and being in closed quarters, exerts additional burdens on relationships. In an abusive relationship, this pressure is manifold. Bombarded with images of the perfect family gathered around the twinkly lights, red ribbons and gold baubles of a Christmas tree, it can be easy to forget that Christmas is a time of coercion, punishment and violence for many.

Instead of being an enjoyable time of year being happy and grateful, it becomes a time of year that is filled with fear, worry and heartache.

Over the past three Christmas’s Thousands of presents have been donated for children who have fled domestic abuse following an appeal.

Francine launched the fundraising drive to deliver gifts to all children across Sheffield and South Yorkshire who was spending Christmas in refuge or shelter after fleeing abusive homes and also to those who found themselves homeless and living in temporary accommodation.

Now, thanks to the donations from kind members of the public she has received hundreds of Christmas presents each year which have all been distributed and greatly received by many children to bring some much-needed festive cheer after they’ve endured much pain and suffering.

We will continue guiding Santa every year to Children who have fled domestic abuse and spend Christmas in shelter, refuge or temporary accommodation, ensuring Santa misses no child.

We also have our emergency collection tins available at request which help provide people and families with the vital and much needed essential items, which can determine how many people can move out of refuge or shelter and into a home of their own… all in time for Christmas.

If you wish to help us support people and families that have suffered domestic abuse over the festive period please get in touch with us.

Together we restore faith in humanity and make Christmas magical.

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