Fundraise for us

We require vital funds to continue the important work that we do. Why not help us raise money to by doing something to let survivors know that they have our full support? Fundraising gives you the opportunity to do something unique and fun whilst raising money for this very worthy cause.

However you choose to raise funds, you will rest assured that money raised will help be the difference between an individual staying in an abusive household or being able to change their life to be safe, secure and happy.

Fundraising is also an excellent way to raise awareness and allow people the opportunity to help those in need and also to let those trapped in abusive relationships know that we are here for them.

Whether you hold a cake sale, a coffee morning or a raffle, every penny you raise helps to ensure a safer, happier home for a person who desperately needs a fresh start in life.

One way to support us could be to hold a fundraising event, not only does this help us raise vital funds to help us to continue the important work that we do, it is also a great way to raise awareness and spread the word, letting survivors know that help and support starts here!

Some people have had cake sales, coffee mornings and held raffles at their work place. Raising funds to help Rehouse to Rehome makes such a difference, and every penny that’s raised means we can provide survivors with support.

Fundraising events are your choice, from cake sales to quizzes or skydives to sponsored silences, there is no end to the fun things you could do to help us continue helping others. Whatever your fundraising idea is, we will be eternally grateful and support you all the way.

If you would like to get involved or would like to request a Nested collection tin, then please do let us know by contacting us here.