Teenage Confidence Classes

Children and teenagers who live in abusive homes are not passive witnesses, but are actively affected by their experiences and have to deal with extreme difficult circumstances and very often, terrifying situations. In families where there is domestic abuse, both parents can underestimate just how much children and teenagers actually do see and hear.

​Many children and teenagers see the aftermath of domestic abuse, including damage to their homes or injuries. Children who flee abusive homes have lived in unpredictable environments, filled with tension & anxiety dominated by fear. This can lead to significant emotional and psychological trauma, similar to that experienced by children who are victims of child abuse.

​Instead of growing up in emotionally and physically safe, secure, nurturing and predictable homes, children who have experienced domestic abuse are often forced to worry about the future. Trying to predict what happens next or when it may happen again, they’ll also try to protect themselves & their siblings.

Very often getting through each day is the main objective so there’s little time left for any fun with friends, relaxing at home, studying or planning for the future.

Teenage years aren’t the easiest

New social changes & changes in the body may sometimes cause teenagers to feel full of self-doubt with low self-worth, which can make them seek approval from both adults and peers. Lack of self-esteem often leads to teenagers under performing in social situations, which can have a lasting effect on their life and in their future.

There are some really simple but yet effective self-esteem activities for teenagers that can give their confidence and self-esteem a real boost, helping them cope better with life challenges and changes whist becoming more emotionally resilient to stressful situations.

Nested believe that it’s important to boost our teenagers confidence and self-esteem to ensure they are confident enough to make their own decisions, teaching them to choose what’s best for them, without worrying about what anyone else may think.”

Many teenagers aren’t feeling good enough, disheartened or depressed, bombarded with pictures that are photoshopped, social media and tv constantly advertising products that promise the “flawless” look and seeing pictures of celebrities with bodies that are virtually impossible for the average human being to obtain.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to build self-confidence in our teenagers and in ourselves. Confidence Is important to all of us for many reasons.

The Purpose:

Our classes are designed to help teenagers understand that they are of value and they do have purpose and then they are more likely to try something new and set exciting ambitious goals. Confident teenagers stand by their values and beliefs, they aren’t or won’t be easily swayed by others. They are less likely to give into peer pressure and more likely to make well thought out decisions. Teenagers with self confidence are equipped to handle the disappointments and failures that are all part of life.

Confidence classes will:

• Encourage teenagers to explore their interests and talents.
• Help teenagers find their own identity.
• Involve and introduce our teenagers into the community, volunteering with a local project.

It’s a great way for teenagers to receive that positive feedback which helps build their self confidence and makes them feel good about themselves.

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