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Be a part of our powerful and passionate community. Together we make a difference in the world by investing in stopping domestic abuse. ​We are motivated by a desire to help individuals come out of difficult and desperate circumstances and stop inter-generational abuse through education. 

Together we can end it

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It is only with our community of support that we have been able to help survivors of domestic abuse make a new home and escape the cycle of abuse. Often this means saving their life and their children’s lives.

By investing in stopping the abuse, you are not only empowering the individuals and families who have escaped, but you are also saving lives.

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The Nest is a community of people who give monthly because we are united and on a  mission to see the end of the cycle of domestic abuse.

We are world changers, passionate in our cause of showing kindness, grounded in our values of empowerment, education and equality.

Every month our community receive:

a newsletter telling new stories of how their contribution has made an impact in individuals and families lives escaping domestic abuse.

printable digital resources to share in their workplace, school or community centre to spread awareness and prevent domestic abuse

the first to know about our campaigns and how to help us achieve them

Pull up a chair at our table and join us in being world changers.

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