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Sam's Story

I have spent the past 10 months living in a refuge with my 3 children, my youngest spent her 1st birthday in the refuge and it wasn’t the birthday I had planned for her.

​I tried my best to be as mentally strong as possible for the sake of my children but it was a struggle and left me wondering at times if I had made the right decision leaving my abusive husband of 10 years. We have recently been given a property and on the same day we moved in was when things really hit home for me. We moved in the property with a fridge, cooker, washer, beds and one 2 seater settee that’s it. My key worker tried contacting many different organisations to see if they could help me with furnishings.

I was offered counselling, and a awareness course which is appreciated, but I didn’t see how that would help me create a home.

​I needed help to turn this property into something that resembled a home for me and my children. I saw a look of disappointment on my children’s faces. After leaving our comfortable home with all our furniture and possessions behind I could see why they didn’t look happy. I felt so incredibly guilty. I thought what have I done to my children and what kind of mother am I to bring my kids out of a nice home into this. I thought about going back to my husband and taking the beatings and anything else, I would cope with anything to make my children happy. I just couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel.

I rang my key worker in tears to make sure we hadn’t missed anyone that might be able to help us with a television, radio or anything to take the horrible silence away and after I heard her say “we’ve tried all we can” I must have gone blank, because I don’t remember anything else she said, we hung up and I spent an hour sobbing my eyes out. She rang me back the same day and said a colleague of hers mentioned a place called rehouse to rehome and gave me the number. I rang and spoke to Francine, she was the only person I spoke to that understood.

​All I wanted was a family home, to rebuilding our future and put the past behind us.

To think I actually thought of going back to the man who beat me daily and no doubt he could have killed me! Thank god I rang Rehouse to Rehome last week. Francine got us everything we needed, wardrobes, drawers so it’s bye bye plastic bags, 2 big comfy sofas, tv, DVD player, table and chairs, dinner sets, kettle, toaster, pictures, lamps cushions throws and lots of stuff for the kids.

Francine you have given us the fresh start we needed and we are so happy.

Thank you for what you have done, you are a life saver (Literally).

​Love always from me and the kids.

Sam (Survivor)

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