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Richard's Story

I met my partner just over 4 years ago. At the beginning everything seemed to be fine, but now looking back the warning signs was there.  He would turn up at my house unannounced, he would turn up at my local bar where I would hang out with my friends to surprise me.

At the time I didn’t really look too deep into it and just thought that was him wanting to show love and affection. Not long into the relationship we moved In together. A few months into the relationship his behaviour became obsessive and controlling. When we would arrange to meet up with friends for food and drinks he would show a tremendous amount of jealousy which made everyone feel uncomfortable, his behaviour resulted in me loosing contact with my friends.

Slowly the happy go lucky me, who was always the life and soul of every party, turned into a distant memory. I became depressed, isolated and totally dependent on him, which was exactly what he wanted. I suffered mental abuse on a daily basis for 2 years, you slob, you’re too fat, you look hideous, go on a diet because looking at you repulses me. He actually made me feel it was all my fault. The physical abuse followed where he hit and kicked me almost every day, his temper was frightening. I was that low and had no confidence I just allowed the abuse to continue.

Last Christmas he beat me so severely he broke my jaw, he hit me so hard I lost teeth and he dislocated my wrists. This was finally it, I had to go I couldn’t take the torture any longer. I’m a man by the way who suffered domestic abuse in a same sex relationship, but now I am a survivor slowly rebuilding my life. I wanted to share my story to help others see it happens to us too. No one deserves that, please don’t put up with it. I got In touch with Rehouse to Rehome yesterday to see if they could help me with a bed and today I have a bed, drawers and a sofa. All delivered from this amazing charity, and Francine she’s an angel and to speak with her is like speaking to a friend.

Thank you Francine for what you have done for me your a doll and also thank you for your powerful words of encouragement.

​Richard (Survivor)

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