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Domestic abuse within different communities

Research and statistics suggest that abuse often goes unreported within many migrant communities in the UK due to cultural factors which centre on shame and honour and the threat to those values of reporting domestic abuse and the issues being publicly aired.

This results in a silent victim who continues to suffer and, in some cases, is unaware that certain behaviour on the part of the perpetrator even constitutes domestic abuse. For example, many people in certain cultural communities are not aware that non-consensual intercourse between a married couple is identified as rape and is against the law. Consequently, abusers are escaping justice as domestic abuse goes unreported.

Even in cases where the survivor has the courage to leave an abusive household or marriage, it is unlikely, due to the cultural tendency to preserve reputation and avoid negative attention, that the abuser would be reported.

“Rehouse to Rehome believe It is increasingly important to empower those in suffering abuse in communities where it is even more difficult to speak out for fear of being ostracised by your social group.”