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Kate's Story

When me and my daughter fled my ex-partner in January 2020 we left our home with absolutely nothing other than a little bag I packed with a few of our clothes. ​We just had to go quickly at the first opportunity, we didn’t have time to plan or pack anything.

We stayed in a refuge for a while and then we was moved to temporary accommodation until we was given our own property just before lockdown.​

My ex-partner refused to give me or our daughter any personal belongings or any of our clothes so I didn’t know what we was going to do. I asked if police could come with me to try and get back our clothes and sentimental items because I was absolutely petrified to go alone and I know he would have definitely done something to hurt me if I did go alone, so I was just too afraid to face him and without police being with me I just knew I didn’t have any other option but to leave everything with him.

We had to forget all of our personal belongings and try to put everything behind us and we would manage with what clothes we had.

​I’ve got my aunt who I’m very close with and my best friend but they couldn’t come with me to get our belongings because they are both absolutely terrified of him. I was trying so hard to keep focused on the future and remain positive but I was just really hurt and upset.

I lost my mum 2 years ago, all we have left of mum are photographs of her, the sound of her voice and laughter on DVD’s, the sentimental items that belonged to mum and the precious things she bought me throughout my life.

​Having mums memories around me gave me so much comfort and the thought of not having mums things, never being able to see her face on family pictures or never being able to hear her voice and laughter made me feel like I’d lost her all over again.

I worried about how I would find a way to rebuild our life and how I would afford everything from our clothes and right down to everything else that’s needed in a home, so honestly I was feeling so down, alone and scared.

In my opinion leaving an abusive relationship and home behind that’s filled with all your precious possessions and personal belongings is a horrible feeling, and to think how he refused his own daughter the things that matter to her and her clothes was making matters worse. It’s just so cruel and selfish.

I just want to let anyone know who is planning to leave violent partners remember to pack the things you can’t replace; just keep them in your handbag, honestly it’s heart breaking to think your never going to see the photos and all the things that mean the world to you ever again.

I didn’t think I’d see mums face again, but tonight I’ve got all of the photographs, the DVD’s and absolutely everything else that matters back with us.

We’ve got all our belongings back because my support worker contacted Francine from Rehouse to Rehome. Francine asked my support worker if she could contact me to talk to me personally, when she called me I told her what had happened and I couldn’t believe my ears when Francine said she would go with me or without me to get back my belongings. She’s actually done just that.

​Every single item that we wanted is now here with us and I still really can’t believe it, because to be honest I really didn’t think Francine would get past the front door.

I will never know how she’s made this possible for us and I truly don’t know how she’s done this and provided us with so many household items and lots of furniture. We are so happy again so honestly thankyou so much Francine I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to thank you for what you’ve done because you don’t know what this means to me and my daughter.

You have turned a shell into a place we can call home, we don’t have to start from scratch and you have made sure we have all the sentimental items in our home that fill it with happy memories and love.

Forever thankful for everything you have done.

​God bless you always.

Kate (Survivor)

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