Grace's Story

Thank you to this heaven sent charity for the fresh start that it’s provided us. This Christmas has been the only one that I have ever enjoyed with my children and also the only one that my children have experienced without fear. Without this charity we would have spent Christmas in the refuge.

Hi and Happy new year to you all at Francine’s Rehouse to Rehome.

​ We are very grateful to the refuges where we have stayed for over 17 months but it’s really nice to finally have our own home. I don’t know the words to describe how grateful I am to be given this fresh start.

We fled from my husband who abused me in every way possible which included financial abuse. For me to be able to buy what we needed for our home would have meant me taking out a bank loan with the highest interest rate. I really don’t know how I would have afforded to make the monthly re-payments. I have had my head full of so much worry and uncertainty, maybe I could find a job to work more hours? but then the thought of who would look after my children? I thought about about child care, and that would be more cost. We don’t have family or friends it’s me and the kids. It’s so hard to believe two weeks ago I spent the entire night crying thinking that my children may have to go into foster care, the thought of not being able to kiss my babies goodnight is the worst feeling anyone can go through. Now we’re in our home and we are so proud of it.

It’s with thanks to this amazing organisation that we have all our appliances and furniture without any debt. I feel like we have been given a new lease of life. I can now look for work with hours that work around my children, and I can kiss them goodnight every night. Francine’s rehouse to rehome, I’ll never know the words to thank you enough for giving us this life we now have. You do so much more than turn a house in to a home, you really do. You have given me a reason to live. Me and my children will remember this Christmas and what you have done for the rest of our life.

Forever thankful.

Grace (Survivors)

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