Fiona's Story

I left everything. Everything that I worked long hard hours for and all of my children’s memories. I can remember just going round and round in my head how they wouldn’t even have a bed or somewhere to sit, any way of cooking them food. My sister told me she had seen an amazing lady called Francine on Facebook.

FRANCINE YOU SAVED ME AND MY CHILDREN COMPLETELY!!!! Not only in enabling me to look after my children, which was so so AMAZING!!!! Bringing beds, sofas, tv, washing machine and a fridge freezer. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!! You also you completely restored my faith in human beings and i truly believe stopped me from completely breaking. The minute i spoke to you i felt completely at ease (which at that time especially, it never happened).

You were so kind in you’re actions and words. You’re one of the only people i know who says ring me anytime about anything and i genuinely believe means it. YOU’RE AMAZING AND I BELIEVE YOU ARE AN ANGEL OR A WARRIOR…. MAYBE BOTH LOL. Everything then started to change, i had Francine by my side, my kids were at a school in which all of the staff are INCREDIBLE, genuinely caring and have gone above and beyond!!

A housing officer who was really lovely, FANTASTIC social workers, a solicitor who is also just truly AMAZING!! I feel completely blessed. Now 9 months down the line after one of my children nearly being broken by him, multiple court hearings, evidence gathering, social worker reports ect. I now have my children all here and no contact whatsoever has been ordered with their dad untill they are no longer minors. if they change their minds and want to when they are older that’s their decision.

I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO THANK YOU AND OTHERS ENOUGH. Without speaking to you that day I don’t know where things would be right now. You’re a true inspiration!!

The best of people!!!


Fiona (Survivors)

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